How to Apply Theme in YoWhatsApp

How to Apply Theme in YoWhatsApp

Follow the Steps Below

1. YoWhatsApp
2. Zip or Rar Theme downloaded

How to apply:
1. Download the Theme that you want to apply in YoWhatsApp
2. Extract the Zip or Rar file
3. Now open YoWhatsApp and select YoMods
4. Click on YoThemes
5. Now select Load Theme
6. Select the folder where your theme’s xml file was extracted
7. Select your xml file and it will be applied automatically
8. If the Theme Wallpaper is not Automatically Applied,
Just Go to Any Chat and Select Options Wallpaper and Apply Manually.
When you extract the Zip or Rar file from the theme, you also get the wallpaper.
9. Congratulations !! Theme Applied Successfully

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